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I'm a graduated Master degree in Architecture of Sustainable Project with multidisciplinary skills.
My studies in history, art and communication merged into my thesis The images of contemporary city, a study about the importance of visual communication in post-modern city.
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2014 - Winery in Valpolicella - Veneto - Italy

From fields to winery

with: F.Acquiletti, I.Mina, M.Di Salvo, S.Ercolani

Contest: 2014 YAC competition - Wine Culture Center
Concept: Restoration of the winery with a didactic trial inside the building that continue outside in a didactic garden
Project: a steel skin interrupted only in the corrispondence of the garden and the multipurpose room


  • View from courtyard
  • explose
  • functions
  • ground floor plan
  • first floor plan
  • iron skin
  • View of iron skin

2013 - Co-housing - Turin - Italy

A minimal approach in post-industrial landscape

with S.Ercolani, A.Crespi, R.Faletto

Polytechnic of Turin - Atelier Economic Sustainability of the Project

Location: Dismissed train station area in Turin (XIX century) realization of apartments, offices and productive areas.
Concept: preservation/restoration of existing buildings with addiction of new parts
Project: the site is a mix of medieval, baroque and industrial preexistences.The overlap of all historic plans generate a grid that identify the points where add new costructions. The target is to preservated ambient sensation of industrial park and realize a coexistence of all historic plans.

All existing buildings are restorated and their volumes increased with new parts co-
vered with drilled steel panels. All apartments satisfy environmental stan-
dars and energy saving. In the pictures the existing storehouse is
overhead with two office floors. The industrial old roof is restored and in-
creased outside transforming itself in a public arcade.

  • View of the new square
  • early concept art
  • Historic levels as conceptual aid for masterplan project
  • masterplan
  • Industrial restoration view
  • office addiction plan
  • office addiction
  • co housing view and logo